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Submission Policy

How do I advertise on the...

Video Bulletin Boards, Marquee and Scoopline:

Use of Video Bulletin Boards, outdoor Marquees and Scoopline are available only to academic divisions, administrative departments, the IU Foundation, alumni groups and campus organizations. Announcement requests must be made online using the Submit an Event Form.

Requests must also be made at least one week prior to the event to have priority consideration. Requests are taken on a first come, first serve basis and in accordance with the following policies governing the priority of the event:

  • University-sponsored events with wide audience appeal (ie. cultural, social and special events, commencements, honors days, registration, athletic events)
  • Campus-wide events sponsored by student organizations and groups (ie. dances, blood drives, parties) and official announcements of wide interest (ie. financial aid and continuing education)
  • Announcements with limited campus interest (ie. recognizing individuals or groups who have received regional or national recognition)
  • Departmental deadlines will be considered if space permits. Priorities will be determined in the following order of importance: Financial Aid, Bursars Office, Registrars Office, and Academic Departments. Deadlines will not be posted more than three days because of space availability.

Events submitted to the Marquees usually have their titles edited down to meet the 30 character space limitation of the Marquee lines and are allowed to be left up for a maximum of one week (if space permits).

The Video Bulletin Boards and Scoopline can normally hold all events requested, unless space deems otherwise. In all cases, the Director of Campus Life will decide which events will be publicized if requests fall into areas not covered in these policies.

Space is limited on the Marquee Boards. Events with the widest appeal will be given priority, therefore all marquee requests may not be granted.

To submit events to these resources, please use the Submit an Event Form online and check the appropriate boxes when filling in the requested details of your event.

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Campus Calendar:

The Campus Calendar and The Planet Newsletter are a service of the Campus Life Office. If you are an official IU Southeast department or group, you can submit your events for inclusion in the calendar and newsletter.

All events for the calendar must be submitted using the Submit an Event Form online. Using this form you will be able to submit events for inclusion not only to the calendar, but also to the outdoor Marquees, Scoopline, and Video Bulletin Board through the Campus Life office.

This form provides one centralized entry point for all information and speeds up the process for everyone. If you have special circumstances with special information that can not be used with the form, please contact the Campus Calendar Webmaster at for further help.

The Planet Newsletter:

The Planet newsletter is sent out every Thursday to the entire campus community. Submission deadline is the Monday at noon prior to the Thursday publication. Due to space limitations, there is a possibility that some events may not be selected for inclusion in the Planet. Please refer to the Editorial Statement for more details.

Every official campus department or group can submit events, announcements, or discussion items for inclusion in upcoming issues.

Criteria for inclusion must…

  • Have students as its primary audience. Events and announcements with faculty and staff as their primary audience should be directed to the IUS Times.
  • Be date-sensitive in that it is something happening in the coming week.
  • Be a one-time event or activity, not a recurring one. Recurring events are listed on the Campus Calendar.
  • Provide complete information by the submissions deadline, including the "who, what, when, where, and why" of the event or announcement along with the contact person, their email address and phone number, and the web address where more information can be found.

For submitting events, announcements, and/or discussion ideas, please use the Submit an Event Form online.

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